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Amazed 5 years ago
I find it funny you call her ugly and talk about her been beaten up and raped and think it's fine because she's a porn star you should think about what your saying and if it was a member of your family or a friend just because because she does porn doesn't make it any less wrong
Harry 7 years ago
Christy Mack is the best. Ass can take any cock pounding inside her.
skankhunter69 2 years ago
My boy JD knows what it is ....
Roger 7 years ago
Hot girl, really hot
How the hell 8 years ago
The editor must not have noticed she had clothing on when he put the scene in at the end. He says flip over and poof she is half dressed again.
Wow 7 years ago
They must of used a shit ton of lube
kitty 7 years ago
i wish i could be in this with both of them, christ is absolutely gorgeous & james dean is such a hot fucking daddy, ugh my pussy gets wet just thinking about it
Coolkid 7 years ago
Oh guys you think any girls are here ?!
damn it 7 years ago
Come for porn and I get spoiled
Jen 7 years ago
That was beautiful! I want this kind of love!