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Fuck 6 years ago
I came when they switched positions fuck nothing's worse than that
Yoo 5 years ago
"Indian" lmao
Alan 6 years ago
She got beautiful feet
Huh 5 years ago
She doesn't look Indian. Looks white.
Mr D 6 years ago
She's super hot
Cock rocker meat beater 6 years ago
Name :

Chief keef
Lie detector 6 years ago
Previous comment obviously made by fantasy man. As if lol
2 years ago
Her tits are perfection
Jealous 5 years ago
Any time I try any positions even vaguely similar to what these two did, I end up with a charlie horse and some fucked up knees.
Idfc 6 years ago
Pretty smile nice tits and some bomb pussy I'd be dtf any day of the week moans groans or whatever noise she wants I'd smash lol